SUKU means to love yourself.

We believe supporting your beauty and wellness within starts with a little SUKU love.

SUKU Vitamins promise is to deliver the cleanest, non-capsule supplements that use the highest quality ingredients to help people feel and look their best in an easy to stick to regimen.

Our Story

SUKU Vitamins’ started when Founder and CEO, Ju Young Yoo, studied Naturopathic Medicine at the CCNM. During patient trials, Ju Young was met with mixed results when experimenting with different supplements and immediately noticed that many of his patients struggled to follow their supplement regime. In fact, statistics show that 40% of adults and 50% of kids have difficulty swallowing pills. Additionally, 10% of people stop taking their pills altogether, or they experience what is known as pill fatigue. Although gummy vitamins were gaining popularity at the time, they were packed with hidden, unhealthy ingredients, such as sugar, sugar-alcohols, and gelatin. Ju Young saw a significant void in the industry for clean, healthy, and chewable products that addressed both health and beauty concerns.

I set out to create clean, effective and therapeutic-dosed formulas that would revolutionize the gummy industry

Ju Young Yoo, Founder and CEO
  • Transparency, honesty, authenticity & integrity
    We value being credible, open, and honest with our consumers about the products they are buying and what’s inside them.

  • Innovation, passion & teamwork
    Together as a team, we are constantly improving and developing new formulas and flavours based on the customer feedback we receive.

  • Diversity, inclusion, & company culture
    As a Certified Minority Supplier by the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, we believe everyone in the company has an equal voice.

  • Happiness & satisfied customers
    We back our customers and want them to be 100% satisfied with our products, or we will give them their money back.


We care about the community and thanks to you we give back
to our community year-round. For every product you purchase,
we donate a percentage to the Koffler Breast Cancer Centre at
Mt. Sinai Hospital to support our fight against breast cancer and
help impact the lives of women around the world. The Koffler
breast cancer was the first in Canada to integrate all aspects of
breast cancer into one place- detection, diagnosis ,counseling
and treatment.

“It’s an unfortunate statistic, but the fact is, that each one of us has been affected by breast cancer, whether it be personally, through a family member, or friend. And no matter how you have been affected, it is painful, and extremely emotional. ”

Co-Founder, Alexandra Azouri